Keeping pumping installations regularly maintained is extremely important and helps to ensure that optimum levels of performance are kept consistent. Here at Chilton Pump Solutions we understand the importance of well-maintained equipment extremely well, and our highly experienced and skilful team of engineers and support workers are able to ensure maintenance is carried out professionally and proactively, when needed.

At Chilton Pump Solutions we service and maintain various pumping installations and equipment, which are all done so following industry standards. We are also able to provide tailored maintenance services through bespoke support of any system needs.

In the event of equipment break-downs, we provide a reactive service in-line with our client expectations. In these circumstances timing is key, which is why we provide an exceptional response with a fast and efficient service our clients can rely on. Our quick and proactive break-down response service ensures the stresses of any pump failure is dealt with in a controlled and informed manor, rectifying any issues professionally and adequately.

We fully understand it can be extremely stressful and inconvenient when a pump fails and services are not being delivered adequately. This is why we pride ourselves on acting fast and taking the appropriate action needed to speed up the fixing process. We have a proven track record of successful maintenance repairs which has helped give us the fantastic reputation across the south that we have today.

When we are called out to maintenance work or failed pumps, our aim is to rectify the issue in a quick and proactive manner which will ultimately get the pump back up and running as soon as possible, helping to ease the stress and rectify the problem experienced by our clients.

Energy Management

Free Energy Audits are something we are pleased to offer here at Chilton Pump Solutions. Energy management is a service which we are extremely passionate about, as it is a forward-thinking and innovative concept which focuses on sustainability and creating ways of making the pump industry better for the environment. We are able to offer a Free Energy Audit to all of our clients where we are able to analyse energy consumption and ultimately take the appropriate steps in order for energy to be saved through the installation of an Inverter or Variable Speed Drive.

Our energy management process is completed quickly and easily, with no hassle at all. All we do is gather the information needed and take the relevant steps for our clients to be well on their way to saving energy and most importantly, saving money. We find it extremely important to find ways of offering services within the industry which is benefitting the environment and our clients at the same time, and our energy management services do exactly that.

The way our Free Energy Audits work are simple and as follows:

  1. We travel to your site at a time that is most convenient for you and the business.
  2. We take the time to analyse your processes and calculate your energy consumption from a fan, pump or motor.
  3. Our highly experienced and skilled team of engineers will then carefully install an Inverter or Variable Speed Drive which enables us to calculate the total energy savings.

Our energy management services have developed and grown over the years, improving our services dramatically. We have found that it has become a key feature when working closely with our client base, as they are also often keen to promote and practise more sustainable ways of keeping their buildings run and maintained. It is also a considerable factor in reducing utility costs and significantly improving building efficiency which are both major benefits for our clients.

We are able to fully understand how variations in pump speed provides many benefits to circulation systems, including less wear and mechanical stress along with energy savings. With our team of talented engineers, collectively holding over 25 years of experience within the pumping industry, we are able to understand complex matters surrounding circulation systems and provide the most reliable and suitable pumps to offer the best energy savings possible; ultimately providing our clients with a top quality energy management service.